Thought Police to Withhold FEMA Funds

I am the president of the Wetumpka TEA Party in Alabama, one of hundreds of conservative groups that were targeted by the IRS.  Throughout President Obama’s tenure in office, officials at the IRS unfairly delayed or even withheld tax exempt status to conservative organizations based solely on the organizations’ political views.  Not only that, they tried to intimidate those conservatives by demanding long lists of confidential information they were not legally entitled to and even leaked some of that information publicly.  It was a blatant effort to silence opposition to the current administration’s policies.

To this day, no one at the IRS has been held accountable.  If anything, the perpetrators were given a pat on the back along with lavish retirements and lucrative bonuses.  I have stated in interviews many times that when unaddressed abuses go unpunished they only get worse.  Well that’s exactly what is happening.  Not only has the IRS not amended their ways, but we have witnessed President Obama get away with making his own laws while blatantly ignoring others.  Why in the world Congress is allowing it to continue is beyond me!

Well, we have a new egregious action being employed by our federal government.  The “thought police” are geared up and more brazen than ever.  It has been recently reported that if a state’s governor does not believe in man-made climate change, promoted by “fuzzy science,” then the federal government will withhold FEMA disaster preparedness funds for that state.  Under this administration an entire state will be punished for one man’s ideology.  How can this be?  This is America, where the Rule of Law used to reign supreme.  ALL people were treated as equal under the law.  But now under this administration, your thoughts can put you, as a governor, and your entire state at risk.  This is outrageous!  This is what tyranny looks like.  I want my country back!

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