We live in the Deep South - “the Bible belt.”  But you would be shocked at what teachers are pushing on our kids. Pornographic books are NOT acceptable!  Yet, that is what at least one public school in Montgomery is requiring students to read.  Parents need to wake up and in helping them do that, I am sharing this letter that my good friend, Troy, sent me yesterday.  It’s a letter to his daughter’s English Literature teacher about a book she was required to read by Toni Morrison called Beloved.  I have removed the names in the letter to “protect the innocent,” but if you are from the press and would like to know more you can leave a comment and I’ll get back with you.

Good morning Ms. J, I have to write to you today about something that is really alarming, and I believe needs to be addressed.

Last week I noticed my daughter’s countenance as she was reading an assigned book. She seemed disturbed and continued to frown. Finally she said something to the effect, that she was probably not going to be able to read this book because of all the profanity in it. She showed me one of the excerpts from the book and frankly I was appalled.

We as parents and educators have an important obligation to make sure that when we feed the hearts and souls of our youth, we follow the guidelines of the following scripture. You see the human spirit is like a sponge. Whatever it allows in, it soaks up and eventually will manifest through human behavior. Prov 23:7 sums it up best- As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he...

Even when we give our lives to Christ; immediately our spirit is re-generated, but our mind (thinking) is the problem.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.  Rom 12:2

The biggest spiritual battle that rages, is for what will enter your "ear gate" and "eye gate."  Whoever wins that battle, controls the soul.

So allow me to give you 3 examples in this book that are extremely damaging to the young mind:

#1  Page 13, first paragraph, second sentence 'All in their twenties, minus women, F---KING COWS, DREAMING OF RAPE, thrashing on pallets, rubbing their thighs and waiting for the new girl...'

#2  Page 20, first paragraph, mid way through 'As she raised up from the heat she felt Paul D behind her and his hands under her breast. She stood up and knew, but could not feel, that his cheek was pressing into the branches of her choke cherry tree'

#3  page 24,  first paragraph, mid way through,  'A stair step before him was Baby Suggs' replacement, the new girl they dreamed of at night and F---KED COWS for at dawn while waiting for her to choose.'

I don't know what to say? This is debasing, with nothing redeeming about it and frankly down right pornographic!

There are thousands and thousands of great books that students of this age could read and this is what the school system chooses?!

There many classics, that when read, build character and cause the reader to ponder the important things in life; like honor, respect, helping your fellow man, forgiveness or even how our decisions effect the outcome of our lives. This book does not fall into any of those categories and I only provided you with 3 examples from the beginning of the book. I'm certain the entire book is filled with this kind of mess.

Ms. J, until The Lord sends my daughter a husband; I am her covering. I cannot allow her to be subjected to this type of filth, because God will hold me accountable for it. If you are a Christian, I would hope that you are convicted for even allowing one student to read anything like this. I respectfully ask that you assign another book for my daughter to read. One that has some of the qualities that I have mentioned.

Please send my daughter home with another book and I will look at it to approve its content.

Feel free to call me if you want to discuss any further. If we can’t do any better than this in our public schools, then let us go back to having parents educate their own children. This is shameful!

Sincerely...Troy T.

Do you know what your kids are being assigned to read?  If not, I suggest you begin asking.


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