Monitor the IRS Scandal

Protect your rights!  Hold our government accountable!

The blatant attack on our freedom of speech by the IRS' targeting of conservative groups has yet to be resolved.  We now know that there were multiple governmental agencies involved.  We must stand up to this abuse of power or risk loosing our constitutional rights.  Stay informed and keep the pressure on your elected officials.

DAILY TRACKER - IRS SCANDAL:  Click on the link and then scroll down until you see "IRS SCANDAL DAY #."  TaxProf Blog keeps a daily record of progress on the IRS scandal.  (Born Free American LLC does not necessarily support or endorse the positions, products or services promoted on this website.)

CONGRESSIONAL ACTIVITY TRACKER:  The House Republicans set up a website to track congressional activity on the IRS scandal.  Contact the House Ways and Means Committee and let them know that they must reign in this abuse of power!

To learn more about this issue:

IRS VICTIMS TELL THEIR STORIES  TEA Party Patriots produced this excellent 28 minute documentary featuring several TEA Party leaders who were targeted by the IRS.  I experienced this targeting firsthand and was called twice to testify before congress about it.  See my 1st Testimony and my 2nd Testimony.

TAX INVASION is another great film about the IRS targeting produced by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ).