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Write-in Campaign Won’t Work to Elect a Republican Presidential Candidate

I want to set the record straight regarding the recent article titled “Martha Roby's Donald Trump fallout: GOP group pulls speaking invite, challenger starts write-in campaign.”  In both the title and the article itself, it was stated that I launched a write-in campaign to challenge Martha Roby.  The fact is, I did not start the write-in campaign; it was started by frustrated District 2 voters without my knowledge.

Had the reporter contacted me, I would have been happy to give the facts regarding my involvement in the matter.  I have officially terminated my campaign with the Federal Election Commission.  However, I am honored that some people are considering voting for me by write-in as a protest to Roby’s rejection of the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.  Write-in campaigns are legal and can be successful in some states for Congress, Senate and local offices.  Alabama is one of those states.  However, for the presidential race, a write-in campaign for a Republican as Roby is advocating will not work due to the difference in election law from state to state.

The fact that people in this District are so upset that they began this write-in campaign speaks volumes about the degree of frustration they feel over Roby’s lack of representation.  I share their frustration.  By pulling her support for Donald Trump, she is, in effect, supporting Hillary and the current administration’s agenda.  The danger is that many people may ignorantly follow her lead and cast a write-in vote that will not be counted, or in states where it is counted, simply take away votes from the Republican ticket which would result in a benefit to Hillary.  In this race that is so close, that could make the difference between winning or losing.

Although I do not agree with many of Donald Trump’s statements, the bigger issue is, he IS the candidate who says he will support the Republican party’s conservative values.  He will protect our constitution and appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court.  He will work to reduce the national debt and bring jobs back to the US.  He will be strong on national security.  If you are a conservative - Donald Trump is your only choice if you want to ELECT A PRESIDENT and not just make a protest statement.

People are fed up with voting for candidates who don’t follow through on their promises.  They’re infuriated with politics as usual.  It’s no wonder that this is not a “usual” election cycle.  I believe we will see a record number of write-in votes this November.  However, a write-in win is next to impossible due to the millions of advertising dollars the establishment candidates have at their disposal.  It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.