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My take on Pres. Obama's last State of the Union

Leading up to last night's State of the Union address, all we were told to expect was a focus on “the big things that will guarantee an even stronger, better, more prosperous America for our kids—the America we believe in.”

He spoke of creating a “new economy that works for us all” through ideas that would cripple the weakened economy we already have by broadening—not reforming—universal health care, Social Security and Medicare. He admitted that Islamic terrorists pose severe threats to our nation’s people while in almost the same breath defending the intake of thousands of un-vetted refugees from ISIS-infested lands and scoffing at our military’s rapidly declining budget. And he insisted America join him in playing Don Quixote—abandoning our natural energy industries to fight the mythical windmills of climate change.

Yet, it was perhaps his overall insistence that he was proposing a better country for our kids that struck me as the most outlandish.

Last night we watched a man stand in front of the country demanding a brighter future for children while sending government money to a corporation that murders them for profit. Before we can talk about how to build more prosperous lives for our kids, we have to first build a country that allows them a life at all.

The First Lady sat next to an empty chair meant to represent the children killed by gun violence. If the President had wanted to represent our country’s children killed by legal abortion, there would have been no one left in the chamber to applaud.

I do agree with our President on one thing, that we absolutely must do something to create a better world for our future generations. And that begins by ensuring we have future generations with the defunding of Planned Parenthood and the restoration of a nation that defines life the way God defines it—beginning at conception.

Ultimately, President Obama spent his hour before the nation using flowery language to present a vision for our nation’s future that hides the truth; what he proposes is an America that is internationally frail, economically paralyzed, and domestically hypocritical in its denial of Constitutional rights.

President Obama’s vision of our future is not, in fact, “the America we believe in” and I’m thankful it’s a future we won’t have to witness when we replace our failed president and capitulating congressmen with principled, conservative leaders, starting with our Alabama primary election on March 1.