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Excited to announce my tour with Grassroots For Victory USA!

I'm excited to announce that I'm working with Billie Tucker and Grassroots for Victory USA. Our goal is to Put ‘US’ Back In USA. We are ready to unite the silent majority in America, the so-called “sleeping giant.” It’s time to Awake, Arise and Advance to challenge the bullies whose objective is to destroy us!

We have a great team assembled and, beginning in August, we're embarking on a nation-wide 45 city tour over the next 18 months. Grassroots for Victory USA is a non-profit organization but we are different than the others. First of all, we understand that politics alone will not restore the greatness of our country. We recognize the importance of Christianity in restoring liberty and we appreciate the passion that our veterans have for America. And that is why we focus on uniting these three groups, political grassroots groups, churches and veterans’ organizations. I hope you will join us!

How we do it:

I’m sure you’ve seen political organizations swoop into town, promise entertainment with good speakers, gather donations and email addresses and then leave town without a lasting impact.

Our tour is different. In reality, each tour stop is not just a simple one day event. It’s a game changer with impact. We value and practice servant leadership and that’s why our amazing outreach team is connecting with community leaders in each tour stop city months before we come to town. Then 5-10 days before the event our advance team meets with these leaders in person, providing them with tools to help their organizations grow and helping them build new relationships with other leaders in their community who they might not even know.

Our actual event is on a Saturday where we have an expo that features: exhibitors, video “opinion” kiosks, a media and bloggers’ row, and break-out sessions with seminars, lectures, video showings, and much more.

Later in the afternoon we hold a two hour public Town Hall Meeting, where unfiltered questions can be asked of and answered by local, regional and national elected officials, candidates and high profile people in government.

The “Grand Finale” stage show begins at 6:30 PM, which is a high quality production stage show that includes live music, special presenters, comedy, videos and some exciting surprises.

Even after the show is over our impact is felt as we stay connected with the leaders in that community and help foster their growing network because it is our desire that every conservative organization grow to be more effective. That’s how we PUT US BACK IN USA!

We have already done the bulk of the work of booking the venues, getting the audience, and advertising; so involvement by conservative groups is a very cost effective, focused way for them to grow their organizations and expand their reach to like-minded conservative Americans so, together, we can PUT US BACK IN USA. It's a great way to expand your influence. I hope YOU will join with us!

I would appreciate your prayers as we embark on this important mission.  Let me know if you want to be on my prayer team.  God bless you and God bless the USA!