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Will the Republicans Let Us Down Again?!

Millions of conservatives around the country are furious with the Republicans’ surrender in the Senate today!  We listened to Republican promises to curb spending, balance the budget and stop President Obama’s illegal executive orders regarding immigration.  We helped them win the Senate in November; giving them the largest majority in the House and Senate since WWII.  Hopes were high.

However, instead of seizing the power they had been given by the voters, Republican leaders timidly continued business as usual.  In December, kowtowing to Democrat spin on shutting down the government, they passed a trillion dollar spending bill.  They promised that once the new senate was in session in February they would stop President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill.

But now, as the deadline for funding DHS approaches and the Democrats have filibustered (four times) a bill that would fund DHS except for Obama’s Illegal Amnesty, the Republicans are again showing their lack of resolve.  Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, is reigning in his majority.  Instead of holding the line on defunding executive amnesty, he is offering a “clean bill” to the Democrats on a silver platter.  They are holding all the cards and yet they are folding!

According to exit polls, 75% of Americans reject Obama's executive action.  So Republicans didn't merely let down their party, they abandoned their country.  Whether Mitch McConnell's feeble stewardship is due to cowardice or complicity, he has embarrassed and weakened his office, his party and his nation.

Our country is being fundamentally transformed.  Silence in the face of it is a betrayal of a righteous cause.  Americans, speak up now!  Our legislators must stand up for our Constitution, our rights and the rule of law.  Call the House and Senate leadership as well as your own Representatives and Senators and tell them to stand strong against President Obama’s illegal amnesty.