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Lois Lerner is NOT the "Victim"!

So many things went through my mind as I read the Politico article which clearly portrays Lois Lerner as innocent in the IRS scandal.  I see this article for what it is, a distraction, a puff piece to make her out as the “victim”.  I don’t care if she is a brownie-baking, puppy-lover; she needs to be held accountable for her crimes.

I was surprised at the level of indignation that rose up in me as I read the article.  First of all, she had been planning her retirement for months before the scandal broke.  She lives in a $2.5 million dollar home, she draws a $100,000 pension, which is twice the median income in the US, yet we are supposed to feel sorry for her because she can’t land a job.  Oh please!

This article also tried to paint her as “apolitical”.  However, the truth is that she has a long history of targeting conservatives.  While at the IRS she targeted conservatives for 4 years (that we know about), by bullying them into sending her information that she was not legally entitled to.  She violated federal law by sending confidential donor information from her personal email account.  She lied to the public and blamed the scandal on “rouge agents” in Cincinnati.  There is a laundry list of actions that she and others committed that either violated IRS rules and regulations or broke the law.  You can view them in our lawsuit against the IRS.  She also referred to conservatives as “crazies” and “a##holes”.  But that wasn’t the beginning of her targeting.  You can go all the way back to 1996 while she was working for the Federal Elections Commission.  She brought a case against a conservative senate candidate from Illinois, Al Salvi.  She told him she would drop the case “Only if he would promise never to run for office again.” Of course, he refused.  When the judge dropped the case she hissed to Salvi, “We’ll get you!”

But I think what bothered me most was about this article was that Lois Lerner was willing to spend 2 hours with Politico talking about how she was “innocent” and how she is somehow the “victim” in this scandal.  While I do not condone death threats or hate mail, I get enough hate mail myself, and I don’t think anyone should have to put up with that.  But, if she truly is innocent and if she really was a woman of integrity, then why does she refuse to cooperate with Congressional investigators?  Why won’t she go on the record and tell what “really” happened?  There are two options; either she knows if she answers their questions that her guilt will be undeniable or someone at the top is threatening her not talk.