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AP US History Standards (APUSH)


If you thought Common Core's Language Arts and Math standards were bad, just hold on to your hats.  David Coleman, the main architect of Common Core, is now heading up the College Board and their new Advanced Placement US History standards have been re-written and will be taught in schools all across America beginning this fall.  500,000 of our best and brightest students will be enrolled in the Advanced Placement Program this year.  Unfortunately, students will not be learning real American history.  There is no longer any mention of American exceptionalism.  Many of our most notable historical figures and events have been erased.  These are just some of the missing figures:  the Puritans, Roger Williams, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington (he is mentioned once in regard to his farewell address), Theodore Roosevelt, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Presidents Nixon and Carter. 

Many of America's defining events are also missing from the new APUSH framework-including:  ALL Revolutionary war battles, Louisiana Purchase, Lincoln-Douglas debates, Battle of Midway, D-Day invasion, Bay of Pigs invasion, Cuban Missile Crisis, and the list goes on.  You can read a more detailed analysis of the new framework, by Larry Kriegar, a 35 year AP teacher, here.